Custom made

With our highly skill in display, customized-made lcd display is very welcome to us.

Our custom display solution would be based on mechanism dimensions, display mode, display pattern &resolution, connection interface, display luminance, power consumption, cost budget, etc.

Custom monochrome lcd :

Total custom display solution for

*lcd dimensions,

*display mode(TN,HTN,ETN,STN yellow-green,blue, gray mode, FSTN)

*connection method (FPC,heat seal,zebra,pin),


*driver IC (COG-chip on glass, COB-chip on board),


*display pattern ,

*working temperature,

*viewing angle

Custom tft LCD module:

Custom make tft lcd module,

* tft LCD glass

* FPC dimension,

* backlight,

* luminance,

* connection interface

Custom Oled module:

Choose standard OLED display sizes, and semi-custom make for

*FPC dimension



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