1.46" oled

  • MLD146-128128


  • 1.46 inch oled display module
  • 128x128 pixel
  • color oled display
  • Product description: This 1.46 inch color oled module, it is PM oled display, 128x128 pixel resolution, its diagonal sizes is 1.46 inch, full color oled display, and no need backlight for this 1.46" oled display, because

1.46 inch oled display module introduction:

Dimension: 1.46 inch oled display

Oled type: PM OLED

Contrast: 10000: 1

Viewing angle:  all

Working temperature: -40~85?

It is thinner and light for this 1.46 inch oled display module, because oled display no need the backlight, oled can be emitting light itself, oled display response time is very fast.

The strength of 1.46 inch oled display module, it is also a wide working temperature

Oled display is the popular trend in future display.

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