Transflective tft lcd display

  • 3 inch tft lcd transflective 240x400 RGB+SPI interface MLT030Q45-R1
3 inch tft lcd transflective 240x400 RGB+SPI interface MLT030Q45-R1

3 inch tft lcd transflective 240x400 RGB+SPI interface MLT030Q45-R1

  • 3.0 inch transflective tft
  • sunlight readable tft
  • 240RGB*400 tft display
  • HX8352B driver tft lcd
  • Product description: This is 3.0 inch tft lcd is sunlight readable, it is transfective lcd module, with 240RGB*400 resolution, 262K color, RGB+3SPI/CPU interface,HX8352B driver ic, is suitable for outdoor application.

3.0 inch tft lcd sunlight readable display module introduction:

Transflective TFT LCD display 3.0 inch is a color sunlight readable tft lcd display panel which is made with 240RGBx400 resolution. Each pixel is divided into Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels and dots, which are arranged in vertical stripes. This tft display is only 3.0" in diagonal, packed with RGB pixels, for making very small high-density displays.

The sunlight readable 3.0’’ tft lcd panel MLT030Q45-R1 is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a backlight unit.

This sunlight readable 3.0 inch tft lcd screen is with 6 o’clock viewing angel display, and built in with HX8352B controller IC, it supports RGB+SPI interface.

The 3.0’’ Sunlight readable tft display MLT030Q45-R1 is often used for any embedded systems, industrial device, security and hand-held equipment which requires display in high quality and outdoor application.

3.0 inch tft lcd sunlight readable display module key parameters:

Display Size

3.0inch tft (Diagonal)



Module Dimension

76.80(W)x 63.90(H)x3.15(T) mm

Active Display Area

70.08 (W)×52.56 (H) mm

Viewing Direction

6 o’clock

Driver IC


Display mode

transflective tft lcd




130 nits

Touch screen

With CTP/RTP optional

Datasheet download

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