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SSD1306 datasheet download


SSD1306 is the common IC driver for small oled screen from 0.42 inch to 1.5 inch. SSD1306 driver could support 128 segments and 64 commons driving. that is used in 128x64 oled screen. SSD1306 has 256 sep brightness control. the SSD1306 oled interface could be 6800/8000 parallel interface, 3/4 wires serial interface, I2C interface.

SSD1306 key parameters:

1.  VDD support 1.65V to 3.3V, VCC 15V maximum

2.  128x64 bit SRAM

3.  Wide operating temperature: -40 to 85 degree.

4. Pin selectable MCU interface: 8-bits 68/80 interface, 3 wires or 4 wires SPI interface, I2C interface.

You could find more application notes for SSD1306 OLED in this link==> : 0.96 inch SSD1306 Oled Arduino application tuitorial (



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