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4.3" tft

IPS 4.3 TFT LCD panel wide temperature MLT043R40-21

IPS 4.3 TFT LCD panel wide

IPS 4.3 tft lcd panel, ST7282 IC, 480RGB*272 resolution, RGB...

Wide temperature TFT 4.3 inch IPS LCD MLT043W40-1

Wide temperature TFT 4.3 i

4.3 inch IPS wide temperature tft lcd,800RGB*480 RGB interfa...

Resistive touch 4.3 tft lcd screen MLT043R40-T26

Resistive touch 4.3 tft lc

4.3 tft lcd screen resistive touch module,ST7282 driver ic,4...

Capacitive touch screen 4.3 TFT LCD MLT043R40-CT30

Capacitive touch screen 4.

4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, 4.3" tft with PCAP, 5 poin...

tft 4.3 inch high brightness 480x272 pixel MLT043R40-5

tft 4.3 inch high brightne

4.3 inch tft lcd module, 500 nit high brightness and high co...


4.3" high brightness wide

TFT 4.3 inch wide temperature lcd and high brightness tft LC...

4.3 inch tft screen ST7282 lcd 480x272 MLT043R40-26

4.3 inch tft screen ST7282

4.3 inch tft screen lcd module, ST7282 driver ic,with 480RGB...

4.3 colour tft screen 480x272 300 nits brightness RGB interface MLT043R40-2

4.3 colour tft screen 480x

4.3 colour tft screen , 480x272 resolution, OTA5180A driver ...

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Maclight Part No.ResolutionInterfaceViewing angleDisplay typeTemperatureIC driverTouch panelSunlight readableLumination (cd/m2)
MLT043R40-32480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularHX8257AOptionalOutdoor under shade500
MLT043R40-T32480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularHX8257ARTPOutdoor under shade400
MLT043R40-35480*272RGBTop viewTNWide temperatureHX8257AOptionalSunlight readable1000
MLT043R40-36480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularST7282OptionalSunlight readable1000
MLT043R40-T36480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularST7282RTPSunlight readable800
MLT043R40-38480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularILI6480BOptional/500
MLT043R40-CT39480*272RGBTop viewTNRegularILI6480B FT5216PCAP/400
MLT043R40-24480*272RGBBottom ViewTNRegularHX8257AOptionalOutdoor under shade500
MLT043R6-1480*272UARTTop viewTNRegular/Optional/200
MLT043R32-1480*272MCUTop viewTNRegularSSD1963OptionalOutdoor under shade400
MLT043R32-CT2480*272MCU/I2CTop viewTNRegularSSD1963OptionalSunlight readable800
MLT043R32-3480*272MCUTop viewTNRegularSSD1963OptionalOutdoor under shade500
MLT043W40-1800*480RGBALLIPSRegularHX8264-E HX8664-BOptionalOutdoor under shade500
MLT043W40-3800*480RGBALLIPSWide temperatureST5625CA ST5091CAOptional/350
MLT043W40-CT6800*480RGBALLIPSRegularST5625CA ST5091CAPCAP/280
MLT043W50-1480*800 (portrait)RGBALLIPSRegularILI9806EOptionalOutdoor under shade500
MLT043WH-01800*480HDMIALLIPSRegular/OptionalOutdoor under shade400



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