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The important things about custom lcd (monochrome lcd)

LCD screen is wider and wider used in lots of electronic device and the industrial machine, to make your electronic device more unique than your competitor, instead of to choose the standard lcd, custom made lcd would help you win your competitor in the design and function. For a custom made lcd, there are some rules you need to know when start to design a custom made lcd.

Custom monochrome lcd display type-Monochrome graphic lcd module

First if you like to custom make a monochrome lcd module, the technical details you need to confirm would be :

1. Outline sizes of custom lcd (length, width, thickness) : because the monochrome custom lcd mother glass always would be in 14”x16”, so the custom lcd panel sizes would not be exceed 14”x16” at the max, actually, regarding the evenness of lcd panel, ideally, one unit of lcd size would not exceed 1/2 of 14”x16”, if bigger than this size, the lcd production ratio would be decreased to very low, we don’t suggest to make the size exceed 1/2 of 14”x16”.

2. Viewing area of custom lcd: Mots of time, the custom lcd display viewing area is up to the electronic device’s cover, and also up to the custom lcd frame inside the lcd cell, because there would be at least 1.2~1.5mm distance from the lcd inner frame to lcd edge, so it is necessary to cover this inner frame by the device’s frame, so the distance from viewing area to lcd edge would be at least 1.2~1.5mm.

custom made lcd segment lcd

3. Display pattern of custom made lcd (graphic display or icon display): of course, the display pattern is decided by the whole devices application, if the custom lcd display screen would be used inside an Automotive’s audio display, some display icons such as “ Play” ,”stop”, “return” etc… button would be needed in the display a segment custom lcd display or icon lcd would be suitable. If you like to display text in the monochrome lcd display, custom graphic lcd is necessary, such as 128x32 graphic COG lcd module, 128x64 dots matrix lcd module, 240x160 pixels, or 320x240 pixels graphic lcd module. The more characters or pictures you would like to display, or higher DPI you would like, then you would need more pixels inside the custom lcd screen. But if you only display some simple characters or simple icons in the custom lcd module, you don’t need to use graphic lcd, a icon display or a 16x2 characters lcd or 20x4 characters is enough for your application. Otherwise, you choose the graphic lcd module, you have to pay more cost on your custom lcd screen.

4. Display mode of custom monochrome lcd (TN or STN display mode): The display mode of custom monochrome lcd, at the first, we could choose TN display mode or STN display based on the display patterns or the dots of graphic lcd, if for icon display, a TN display mode should be enough for your application, such as if your would like to display 120 icons on your custom lcd, you could choose 1/4 duty (4 commons) driving mode, then 30 segments could connect to all the the 120 icons (30 segment x 4 commons), TN display mode could support 8 commons at the most, so if for the 120 custom icons lcd display, a TN display mode is enough to support what you need. While if you custom lcd display need to display more content, such as graphic lcd, it is necessary to choose STN lcd mode, because if the driving common more than 8 commons, the contrast of custom TN lcd display would be decreased, and cross-talk effect would be heavy. So if the driving commons more than 8 commons, you have to choose custom STN lcd display mode, almost all the graphic lcd are in STN display mode.

5. Driving condition of custom made lcd: The custom lcd display module driving condition is related to the display patten, the common quatity of icons lcd display or graphic lcd display, and the lcd driver capability. If the lcd IC driver is only support 1/4 duty, so your custom lcd driving condition only could be 4 commons max, 4 commons means 1/4 duty in one frame scanning. If your IC driver driving capability could be 1/64 duty, such as ST7565, then the lcd commons quantity could be in 64 commons, so it could be used in 128x64 pixels or 132x64 pixels graphic lcd. The bias driving condition is related to duty, if choose 1/4 duty, the best driving bias would be 1/3 bias, if choose 1/64 duty, the best bias would be 1/9. the reason is the liquid crystal features, about the contrast of selected-point and non-selected points. Fellow Maclight display website, we would discuss the ways about the bias calculation on the future articles.

6. Polarizer mode of monochrome lcd (Transmissive mode or tranflective mode, reflective mode): the polarizers are attached on the front and rear of custom lcd. Polarizer generate the linearly polarizer light and make the custom lcd display. If the without polarizer, only lcd cell, the custom lcd can display nothing. The transmissive mode of custom lcd, both front and rear polarizer are in transmissive type, because lcd is passive display, it can not emit light as custom oled display, so it is necessary to add the light source of transmissive of custom lcd, the common way is to add the LED backlight on the rear of custom made lcd, the backlight provide the light source to custom lcd, the light transmit the polarizer and lcd cell, then go into the eyes, then we could see the display from lcd. The reflective mode of custom lcd, it is no need the backlight, its rear polarizer is reflective mode, it reflect the light from the front polarizer, and back to it, then the light go into our eyes. So the reflective mode would be used in the daylight, it can see nothing in the night, because without the light source. The transflective mode is between the transmissive mode and reflective mode, its rear polarizer combine the function of transmissive lcd and reflective lcd, then it could be used in daylight and night, and also could be used in indoor and outdoor. Maclight display is the expert in custom lcd display, they are the good supplier from China in custom made lcd display module

7. Connection way of custom lcd: with or without IC driver (COG lcd or COB LCD structure): if the custom lcd without IC driver on it, the custom lcd panel could be connected to the MCU board via Zebra stripe, FPC or heat-seal, or metal pins by welding to the driver board. If with IC driver on the lcd COG glass (chip on glass), FPC or metal pins connection is the common way on connection. If the custom lcd module is COB structurer (IC driver on the PCB), the custom lcd module always combine the zebra stripe to the lcd.


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