Custom LCD display & custom tft

Monochrome lcd display China(Custom TN,STN LCD)

Monochrome lcd panel is low cost LCD screen, monochrome lcd display is the mainstream in custom lcd screen because its custom tooling fee is very cheap. Monochrome LCD display included standard graphic monochrome lcd display, character lcd module, monochrome segment lcd display, monochrome tft lcd module and custom lcd screen. The monochrome lcd screen structures have COG LCD (chip on lcd glass), COB (chip on board), COF (chip on film).

Monochrome segment lcd modules:

An seven segment lcd display is like the below picture, it can display numbers from 0 to 9 and several letters such as C, A, b E, L, and F by control some segments "on" and "off". it is the cheapest lcd display panel.

Segment lcd monochrome

The segment lcd also could be in Icon lcd display, that is the display content are the custom segments based on customer's application. each segment means one icon, we could design the icon on our application.

monochrome lcd-icon lcd

Monochrome character lcd modules:

The familiar Characters lcd modules have 16x1, 16x2, 16x4 characters, 20x1, 20x2, 20x4 characters, and 40x2, 40x4 etc, characters lcd display module. An 16x2 lcd display means 16 characters x 2 lines character on the lcd. normally, one characters is made by 5x8 pixels, we could display numbers 1~9, and A~Z letters and most of characters on the 5x8 pixels per characters.

Monochrome graphic lcd module:

The standard graphic lcd resolution have 96x6496x96 122x32、128x64、128x128、160x128、160x160、192x64、240x64、240x128、320x240 etc. we could display all the characters and image in the graphic lcd display. of course, the higher resolution lcd, the display effect of image would be better.

(What is lcd resolution: )Lcd resolution means how many pixels of lcd screen, 128x64 lcd resolution means 128 column x 64 row pixels on the lcd screen, we also call it 128x64 lcd display. monochrome lcd resolution could be 320x240 (QVGA) or 480x240 maximum, tft lcd resolution could be VGA (640X480) or HD (1366x768, FHD(1920x1080) or 4k2k lcd resolution.

monochrome lcd

Can i get the monochrome lcd display without tooling cost and MOQ limited?

Yes, if you only need the low quantity monochrome lcd display for your project, you could choose Maclight standard monochrome lcd, Maclight have wide range standard Characters lcd and Graphic lcd module, including COB type and COG type for your choosing. welcome to contact Maclight at [email protected]

Please see Maclight standard mono lcd list as following (part of list)

Sizes Resolution Maclgiht P/N Panel Sizes Viewing area Structure
1" 96*64 MLG9664J-4 31.00X 30.60X4.0 25.50X 18.20 COG
1" 96*96 MLG9696J-2 24.00X 31.00X4.0 21.00X 21.00 COG
0.91" 128*32 MLG12832J-1 12.70X 30.65X2.5 7.58X 24.38 COG
1.4" 128*32 MLG12832J-2 41.00X 20.90X4.2 36.80X 11.60 COG
1.6" 128*32 MLG12832J-13 43.80X 20.20X4.20 40.50X11.00 COG
2.4" 128*32 MLG12832J-6 79.02X 27.50X4.85 60.00X 18.50 COG
2.5" 128*32 MLG12832J-3 64.00X 30.80X5.00 59.00X 18.50 COG
0.96" 128*64 MLG12864J-2 26.10X 19.36 X1.9 22.94X 12.06 COG
1.2" 128*64 MLG12864J-12 35.00X 23.00X3.45 29.00X 13.50 COG
1.4" 128*64 MLG12864J-4 44.00X 33.00X4.0 38.00X 22.00 COG
1.6" 128*64 MLG12864J-21 44.00X 33.00X4.0 38.00X 22.00 COG
2.0" 128*64 MLG12864J-3 51.70X 36.20X4.00 47.10X 26.50 COG
2.0" 128*64 MLG12864J-6 51.70X 36.20X4.00 47.10X 26.50 COG
2.0" 128*64 MLG12864J-7 51.70X 36.20X4.00 47.10X 26.50 COG
2.2" 128*64 MLG12864J-8 59.00X 41.00X5.00 53.60X 28.60 COG
2.5" 128*64 MLG12864J-10 64.00X 45.20X4.8 57.80X 33.00 COG
2.6" 128*64 MLG12864J-11 67.90X 47.50X5.00 61.90X 35.50 COG
2.6" 128*64 MLG12864J-20 67.90X 47.50X5.00 61.90X 35.50 COG
3" 128*64 MLG12864J-9 71.20X 48.20X5.0 66.50X 38.00 COG
2.6" 128*64 MLG12864J-28 71.30X 48.20X5.3 65.50X 38.00 COG
2.8" 128*64 MLG12864J-35 71.30X 48.20X5.3 65.50X 38.00 COG
4" 192*64 MLG19264J-2 108.5*48.7*4.9 102.89*34.06 COG
3.2" 192*64 MLG19264J-5 94.00* 45.00*5.0 88.00* 32.00 COG
2" 192*64 MLG19264J-10 56.20*23.24*3.60 47.50*17.49 COG
3.5" 240*128 MLG240128J-1 86.40* 54.20*5.0 73.18* 39.02 COG
2.2" 240*128 MLG240128J-3 59.1*41.2*5.2 53.0x31.0 COG
2.2" 240*128 MLG240128J-4 59.1*41.2*5.2 50.0*31.0 COG
4.2" 240*160 MLG240160J-5 99.2*72.9*5.2 94.5*59 COG
Character Part No. Outline Size (mm) Viewing area (mm) Characters size(mm) Dots Pitch(mm)
8*2 MLC802Y-1 58.0*32.0*13.0 38.0*16.0 2.45*4.954 0.45*0.488
16*1 MLC161Y-1 80.0*36.0*9.5 64.5*13.8 3.20*5.95 0.60*0.70
16*2 MLC162Y-1 80.0*36.0*12.0 64.5*16.0 2.95*5.15 0.55*0.60
16*2 MLC162Y-2 85.0*36.0*13.0 64.5*16.0 2.95*5.15 0.55*0.60
16*2 MLC162Y-3 122.0*44.0*13.5 99.0*24.0 4.84*9.66 0.92*1.10
16*4 MLC164Y-3 84.0*44.0*14.0 62.0*18.0 2.95*5.55 0.55*0.65
20*2 MLC202Y-2 116.0*37.0*12.8 82.6*18.4 3.20*5.55 0.60*0.65
20*4 MLC204Y1 98.0*60.0*14 76.0*26.0 2.94*4.74 0.54*0.54
20*4 MLC204Y-2 146.0*62.5*13.0 123.5*43 4.84*9.22 0.92*1.10
40*2 MLC402Y-1 182*33.5*14.5 154.4*16.5 3.2*5.55 0.6*0.65
40*4 MLC404Y-1 190*54*14.5 147*29.5 2.78*4.97 0.5*0.56
Pixels Part number Outline dimension (mm) Viewing area(mm) Active area (mm) Dots (mm) Dot pitch(mm)
122x32 MLG12232Y-1B 84.0*44.0*13.0 60.0*18.0 48.75*14.35 0.35*0.4 0.4*0.45
122x32 MLG12232Y-2B 62.0*40.0*11.2 41.0*15.0 37.59*11.67 0.35*0.275 0.365*0.29
128x32 MLG12832Y-1B 110.0*65.0*14.5 76.0*25.0 72.91*18.19 0.52*0.52 0.57*0.57
128x32 MLG12832Y-2B 84.0*44.0*14.2 70.0*20.0 64.5*16.6 0.48*0.48 0.52*0.52
128x64 MLG12864Y-4B 113.0*65.0*13.0 73.4*38.8 66.52*33.24 0.48*0.48 0.52*0.52
128x64 MLG12864Y-5B 93.0*70.0*13.0 70.7*38.8 66.52*33.24 0.48*0.48 0.52*0.52
128x64 MLG12864Y-6B 86.6*61.2*13.5 70.7*38.8 72.0*40.0 0.48*0.48 0.52*0.52
128x64 MLG12864Y-9B 78.0*70.0*12.5 62.0*44.0 56.27*38.35 0.39*0.55 0.44*0.6
128x64 MLG12864Y-7B 75.0*52.7*8.9 60.0*32.6 55.01*27.49 0.4*0.4 0.43*0.43
160x128 MLG160128Y-1B 129.0*102.0*17 101*82.0 92.76*74.2 0.54*0.54 0.59*0.59
192x64 MLG19264Y-2B 130*65.0*12.5 104*39.0 97.486*32.462 0.458*0.458 0.51*0.51
192x64 MLG19264Y-3B 100.0*60.0*12.0 84.0*31.0 78.68*26.2 0.37*0.37 0.41*0.41
240x64 MLG24064Y-1B 180.0*65.0*14.5 132.0*39.0 127.16*33.88 0.49*0.49 0.53*0.53
240x128 MLG240128Y-1B 144.0*104.0*14.0 114.0*64.0 107.95*57.55 0.4*0.4 0.45*0.45
240x128 MLG240128Y-2B 180.0*110.0*13.7 134.0*76.0 122.12*65.22 0.45*0.45 0.51*0.51
240x160 MLG240160Y-1B 97.4*58.4*9.5 75.0*46.5 67.185*42.385 0.265*0.25 0.28*0.265
320x240 MLG320240Y-1B 160.0*109.0*11.0 122.0*92.0 115.17*86.37 0.33*0.33 0.36*0.36
320x240 MLG320240Y-2B 139.0*100.0*11.0 103.0*79.0 95.97*71.97 0.27*0.27 0.3*0.3

Contact Maclight at [email protected] for monochrome lcd display modules.

What kinds of display mode available for mono lcd display:

Monochrome lcd display have TN, stn lcd, monochrome tft lcd types. the monochrome lcd could be with or without backlight. even for monochrome lcd display, it have difference LCD colors for choosing, such as yellow-green mode, blue mode, gray mode, black-white mode, negative display mode and positive display available. the backlight color could be white, green, orange, yellow-green colors.

custom monochrome lcd display mode

What tooling cost shall i need if we want to customized mono lcd:

The tooling fee of monochrome lcd panel would be around 300~500 USD, if only the simple segment lcd panel, such as TN display mode, then tooling fee would be cheaper, but if the custom lcd screen is monochrome graphic lcd panel, such as STN display panel, the tooling fee would be little higher than TN lcd panel. because the tooling mask for STN LCD would be higher than TN lcd panel. but it is only the tooling fee for monochrome lcd panel.

If for custom monochrome lcd module that with IC chip on glass, we call it COG LCD module, the tooling fee would be more higher, because if for custom TN or STN lcd display panel, the tooling mask can be made by PI film, while for custom monochrome COG LCD module, the custom COG LCD tooling mask would be used the metal mask, the tooling fee would be more higher to around 1500~2000 USD.

Besides the custom lcds panel, for some custom lcd mode that in transmissive lcd or transflective lcd display mode, because lcd panel is passive display, instead of OLED display, lcd panel can not emit light by itself, it have to use the backlight, the backlight tooling fee would be upper than 1000 USD or more, the more complicating structure on the backlight, the tooling fee would be higher. for saving the cost of tooling fee on lcd backlight, the simple structure would be cheaper.

What is the MOQ when custom make the monochrome lcd screen:

The custom MOQ is calculated based on the mother-glass of LCD panel, some person may ask, what is mother-glass of lcd panel? is it the mother of lcd panel? no, no,no..., it is just a joke, the mother-glass of lcd is the primary glass of lcd, we also call it ITO glass, because it have an ITO layer on the glass. the lcd panels are array on the mother glass in manufacturing lcd panel, and cutting it one by one after lcd cell production finished. the main mother glass sizes if 14"x16", as in lcd manufacturing, for stable running in the full-auto machine line, it is at least 50 set of 14"x16" for an production running, that is the smaller sizes of lcd, the bigger MOQ of lcd quantity is necessary.

7 things about custom mono lcd display:

To custom lcd screen, we would concern about:

1. What is the biggest and smallest sizes of lcd outline dimension?

To custom monochrome lcd (length, width, thickness) : as we talked before, because the monochrome custom lcd mother glass always would be in 14”x16”, so the custom lcd panel sizes would not be exceed 14”x16” at the max, actually, regarding the evenness of lcd panel, ideally, one unit of lcd size would not exceed 1/2 of 14”x16”, if bigger than this size, the lcd production ratio would be decreased to very low, we don’t suggest to make the size exceed 50% area of 14”x16”.

If the monochrome lcd panel is too small, such as the arraying quantity more than 300 in the area of 14"x16" mother glass, it would increase the handling cost in lcd manufacturer, because many anto-machine can not support the operation of small sizes of lcd panel.

2.  What about the viewing area of lcd screen

The custom lcd display viewing area is up to the electronic device’s cover, and also up to the custom lcd frame inside the lcd cell, because there would be at least 1.2~1.5mm distance from the lcd inner frame to lcd edge, so it is necessary to cover this inner frame by the device’s frame, so the distance from viewing area to lcd edge would be at least 1.2~1.5mm.

custom made lcd segment lcd

3. Display pattern of custom lcd  screen(graphic display or segment icon display):

The display pattern is decided by the whole devices application, if the custom lcd display screen would be used inside an Automotive’s audio display, some display icons such as “ Play” ,”stop”, “return” etc… button would be needed in the display a segment custom lcd display or icon lcd would be suitable. If you like to display text in the monochrome lcd display, custom graphic lcd is necessary, such as 128x32 graphic COG lcd module, 128x64 dots matrix lcd module, 240x160 pixels, or 320x240 pixels graphic lcd module. The more characters or pictures you would like to display, or higher DPI you would like, then you would need more pixels inside the custom lcd screen. But if you only display some simple characters or simple icons in the custom lcd module, you don’t need to use graphic lcd, a icon display or a 16x2 characters lcd or 20x4 characters is enough for your application. Otherwise, you choose the graphic lcd module, you have to pay more cost on your custom lcd screen.

4. Display mode of custom lcd display (TN or STN LCD display mode):

The display mode of custom monochrome lcd, at the first, we could choose TN display mode or STN display based on the display patterns or the dots of graphic lcd, if for icon display, a TN display mode should be enough for your application, such as if your would like to display 120 icons on your custom lcd, you could choose 1/4 duty (4 commons) driving mode, then 30 segments could connect to all the the 120 icons (30 segment x 4 commons), TN display mode could support 8 commons at the most, so if for the 120 custom icons lcd display, a TN display mode is enough to support what you need. While if you custom lcd display need to display more content, such as graphic lcd, it is necessary to choose STN lcd mode, because if the driving common more than 8 commons, the contrast of custom TN lcd display would be decreased, and cross-talk effect would be heavy. So if the driving commons more than 8 commons, you have to choose custom STN lcd display mode, almost all the graphic lcd are in STN display mode. <


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