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Sunlight readable display & transflective lcd screen

Key characters of sunlight readable tft lcd display

What is the key characters  about sunglight readable tft lcd display ,beside the brightness of lcd panels under the sunlight, there are still some other important parameters you have to know when in choosing the Sunlight readable tft lcd display .

The display mode for your sunlight readable tft lcd display:

The first thing you have to know on sunlight readable tft technical detail, it should be the display mode, before you choose a sunlight readable tft, do you need the transflective tft lcd or high brightness transmissive tft lcd. Most of engineer might think that, it would be better for choosing a transflective tft on power saving reasons. But why there are still a lot of sunlight readable tft by using the transmissive display mode with high brightness tft? The reasons would be even for transflective tft in the outdoor and sunlight directly, the reflective ratio of transflective tft is still not good enough because the “ open ratio” reasons as we talked in the article of “ transflective tft”,

The lower reflective ratio on transflective tft, it lead to the display color and effect is not good enough in the sunlight comparing to the transmissive display in indoor application. But if choose high brightness tft lcd in transmissive mode, the display effect would be better and the color is more vivid than transflective tft lcd module. The most advance for transflective tft is in power saving, if used the transflective tft in the handheld device, such as handheld GPS in the outdoor, the transflective tft lcd would be a good choice for this outdoor application. But if to a public display in the outdoor, such as billboard, kiosk, the transflective tft display effect can not have the good display effect for these public display, a high brightness transmissive tft lcd for sunlight readable would be better for these application.

sunlight readable tft lcd 4.3 inch

The brightness of sunlight readable tft lcd display panel:

After choose the high brightness transmissive tft lcd panel, then how high would it be fit for sunlight readable? The regular indoor tft display, around 250 nits, but if used in outdoor, 500 nits brightness would be better for sunlight readable. And if the watch the display under the sunlight directly and to see the display content clearly, 1000 nits brightness would be better. Because with the environment brightness up, to balance the light diffusing from environment, it is necessary to increase the tft lcd display brightness based on environment’s brightness.

Heat emission about sunlight readable tft lcd display:

So the new question is coming, the brightness of sunlight readable tft, should it be as higher as we can when we choose it? The answer is NO, because we still have to consider the power consumption, cost, and one of importance reason is the heat emission, of course, the higher brightness of sunlight readable tft, it would emit more heat when in working, especially in long time working under the sunlight. Because all the lcd panel have its temperature limited when in working, most of lcd panels working temperature are -20~70°C,  part of lcd panel with wide working temperature to -30~80°C, even the wide temperature lcd panel, for a outdoor display under sunlight directly, its working temperature is very easy to reach 70°C or 80°C with a high brightness tft panel. It would lead to the lcd screen as black as burnt after long time working in high temperature. So we have to find a balance between the high brightness and heat emission. It doesn’t mean the higher brightness is better in sunlight readable tft lcd display.Maclight Display is a company with rich experience that in making sunlight readable tft lcd,

The solution for the heat emission of sunlight readable tft lcd display:

There is a way to add the fan inside sunlight readable tft display for heat emission, the fan make the heating air inside the display flow up, prevent the sunlight readable lcd panel over-heat. Other solution about adding some metal emitting bars on the back side of frame, it would help to heat emitting for high brightness tft lcd in long time working.

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