Custom Display

custom lcd display module solution:

Maclight display is specialized in custom lcd display, our custom lcd display including custom TN, STN, VATN, FSTN lcd and custom TFT LCD module and custom oled display module with PCB type.

Our custom display solution would be based on mechanism dimensions, display mode, display pattern &resolution, connection interface, display luminance, power consumption, cost budget, etc.

Custom LCD (monochrome) :

Total custom display solution for

*LCD dimensions,

*display mode(TN,HTN,ETN,STN yellow-green,blue, gray mode, FSTN)

*connection method (FPC,heat seal,zebra,pin),


*driver IC (COG-chip on glass, COB-chip on board),


*display pattern ,

*working temperature,

*viewing angle

Custom TFT LCD module:

Custom make tft lcd module,

* TFT LCD glass

* FPC dimension,

* backlight,

* luminance,

* connection interface

Custom Oled display module:

Our custom oled displays is based on standard OLED display sizes, and semi-custom make FPC or adding PCB converter with difference interface:

*custom oled FPC dimension

*custom oled interface.

*Custom oled module with PCB

Custom COG lcd module manufacturer procedure :


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