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Custom Display

Custom lcd is user friendly to our customers, the custom lcd displays are manufactured to create unique display that meet specific needs and requirements. A custom display provide custom performance to customer's devices.

What is a Custom LCD Module?
A custom LCD module is a type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that is designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. These modules are customizable in terms of size, shape, color, resolution, and other features. Custom LCD modules are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including medical devices, industrial equipment, automotive displays, and consumer electronics.

Maclight Custom lcd module solution:

Maclight display is specialized in custom lcd display, our custom lcd display including custom TN, STN, VATN lcd, FSTN display and custom tft lcd module and custom oled display module with PCB type.

Our custom display solution would be based on mechanism dimensions, display mode, display pattern &resolution, connection interface, display luminance, power consumption, cost budget, etc.

Custom LCD Module (monochrome lcd display) :

Total custom display solution for

*LCD dimensions,

*display mode(TN,HTN,ETN,STN yellow-green,blue, gray mode, FSTN)

*connection method (FPC,heat seal,zebra,pin),


*driver IC (COG-chip on glass, COB-chip on board),


*display pattern ,

*working temperature,

*viewing angle

Customized tft lcd display module:

Custom make tft lcd module,

* TFT LCD glass

* FPC dimension,

* backlight,

* luminance,

* connection interface

A total customized tft lcd panel solution, its tooling fee would be up to 100,000 USD, and the MOQ would be more than 10k pcs, so for custom tft display solution, we would suggest to choose the existing tft lcd panel sizes, such as 2.4', 3.5", 4.3" or 7" ...,  but  customized tft lcd interface and backlight and convert T-CON board would be with cheaper tooling fee as customized tft lcd solution.

Custom Oled display module:

Our custom oled displays is based on standard OLED display sizes, and semi-custom make FPC or adding PCB converter with difference interface:

*custom oled FPC dimension

*custom oled display interface

*Custom oled display with PCB board.

As custom oled display, similar to custom tft lcd display panel, the tooling fee of full custom oled panel would be over 30,000 USD, so if any requirement about custom oled display, we would suggest to choose the standard oled display panel, such as 0.83", 0.91", 0.96", 1.3", 2.23", 2.42" ......, and custom make OLED interface could be possible, such as custom FPC for the oled panel, or adding the interface converter PCB, or combine oled touch screen for them.

The application of Maclight custom displays:

Our custom displays are used in a wide range of applications, including:

Medical devices:  such as patient monitors, diagnostic equipment, and surgical instruments that need specific requirements such as high resolution, color accuracy, and reliability.
Industrial equipment:  Used in industrial equipment such as machinery, control panels, and process automation systems. that need durable, reliable, and able to withstand harsh environments.
Automotive displays:  Used in automotive displays such as infotainment systems, and navigation systems that with easy to read, durable, and able to withstand extreme temperatures and vibration.

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How Maclight lcd display modules are manufactured in factory :



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