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Custom VATN LCD display

VATN LCD is a type of LCD display mode with high contrast, VATN (Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic ) lcd, it is wider viewing angle than the regular TN LCD display mode, it is widely used in the industrial display domain because of its outstanding display effect, such as White goods electronics ,Security control system, Automotive, Audio, Medical devices, POS machine, Dash board applications. VATN displays work in a negative display mode with a transmissive polarizer and easier to read in dark environments. Maclight display is the specialist on VATN LCD display and custom lcd display.

Maclight VATN LCD futures including:

1.     Super high contrast ratio

2.     Wider viewing angle than regular TN lcd display

3.     Ultra black background

4.     Negative display mode

5.     Optional four colors silk printing of custom design.

6.     Optional RGB backlight, high brightness backlight of custom design.

Custom VATN LCD display could be 1/8 duty and 1/16 duty, such as 8x2 characters or 16x2 characters, and custom lcd icons display, with multi-colors or mono color.

Please find the following for Maclight custom VATN LCD display, it is COG LCD with high brightness backlight, 4 colors silk printing, FPC connection, VA TN lcd display mode, transmissive type. White color backlight. Build in control IC, custom lcd interface with 6800 parallel, 4 line SPI and I2C interface.

Custom VATN LCD display

About VATN LCD display: When the VATN lcd in non-display status, there is no electric current is running through the lcd cells, the liquid crystal materials naturally align vertically direction between two ITO glass substrate panes, combine with the directions of top polarizer and bottom polarizer, the VANT LCD blocks the transmission of light from the backlight. This make the crystals to opaque and lead to a black display effect.
When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal materials shift to a horizontal position arrayment between the ITO glass substrates, combine the polarizer’s directions, this would allow light to pass through VA TN LCD resulting in a white display screen.

Because the liquid crystal alignment direction inside the ITO substrate for VATN LCD display, it is not easy to leak the light through the VA TN liquid crystal alignment, because its liquid crystal alignment only in 0° or 180° instead of the twist 110°in the regular TN lcd display, that is the reason VATN lcd could provide the high contrast and wider viewing angle than regular TN LCD.

VATN display effect:

VATN lcd Display is an good alternative for traditional TN lcd or alphanumeric LCD display.

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