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Round tft lcd display

Circular lcd display 1.3 inch SPI MCU interface 240x240 pixel

Circular lcd display 1.3 i

1.3'' IPS round tft lcd display module, SPI / MCU interface,...

1.28 inch circular screen display 240x240 resolution SPI interface

1.28 inch circular screen

1.28'' IPS circular lcd screen, 240RGBx240 resolution GC9A01...

Round tft display 1.22 inch 240x204 resolution MLT012G24-5

Round tft display 1.22 inc

1.22'' IPS round tft lcd display module China, it is 240RGBx...

1.1 inch circular reflective tft lcd 218x218 resolution SPI interface

1.1 inch circular reflecti

1.1'' circular reflective tft lcd, 218RGBx218 resolution, no...

Round lcd display 1.3 inch 240x240 resolution SPI interfce MLT013G24-1

Round lcd display 1.3 inch

1.3'' IPS round tft lcd display module China, it is 240RGBx2...

2.51 inch oval tft lcd screen

2.51 inch oval tft lcd scr

2.51 inch oval tft lcd screen, elliptical display screen, 24...

 monochrome tft lcd Round lcd display 0.96 inch

monochrome tft lcd Round

0.96 inch round monochrome tft lcd, transflective display mo...

Round tft display 3.3 inch 320x320 resolution MIPI interface MLT033Q17-CT1

Round tft display 3.3 inch

3.3 inch round tft lcd display circular display 16.7M full ...

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SizeMaclight P/NResolutionDisplay area(mm)Size(mm)InterfaceLumination (cd/m2)TouchRemark
1.3"MLT013G24-1240RGB*24032.4*32.435.5*38.23*1.5SPI200OptionalIPS TFT
1.5"MLT015Q24-CTR3320*32038.1*38.141.3*45.1*3.4MIPI230optionalTransflective TFT IPS
1.6"MLT016R24-1400RGB*40039.84*39.8442.94*45.89*1.5MIPI220/IPS TFT
2.1"MLT021Q20-2320RGB*32053.38x53.3858.78x64.38x2.13SPI/MIPI480/IPS TFT
2.1"MLT021R40-3480RGB*48053.28*53.2856.18*59.71*2.3RGB250/IPS TFT
2.4" MLT033Q17-1320RGB*32060.0*60.066.2*69.3*3.84MIPI550Optional
3.4"MLT034S39-CT1800RGB*80087.6*87.699.0*96.6*3.98MIPI350OptionalIPS TFT



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