• 4.3 inch smart lcd display serial interface uart tft
4.3 inch smart lcd display serial interface uart tft

4.3 inch smart lcd display serial interface uart tft

  • 4.3 inch lcd display serial interface
  • UART/RS232/RS485/USB interface
  • uart smart TFT display
  • 480x272 pixels
  • Product description: 4.3 inch lcd display serial interface uart tft, RS232 interface, 480x272 pixels, Intelligent tft lcd, easy make HMI tft lcd display, easy GUI, cost competitive.

4.3 inch lcd display serial interface uart tft, RS232 serial interface,480x272 pixels

Outline:  121.8*69.2*11.4 mm

Viewing area: 95.04*53.86 mm

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Our uart TFT LCD provide a easy solution for make a display between human and machine, via lcd display serial interface, you could communicate to the MCU only via 2 data lines, save the I/O pins of CPU. And prevent users to avoid the hassle of wiring.

MCU UART interface:

RS232 serial interface to PC and PLC, transmission distance up to 10m.

Maclight smart HMI TFT provide a hardware part (a series of tft lcd module) and a GUI software, the UI could be edited by two ways, GUI editor or UI tools, The smart TFT module uses only one serial port to communicate. As a solution to save development time, Our smart display software has mass components such as button, text, progress bar, slider, instrument panel etc, Furthermore, the drag-and-drop function ensures that users spend less time in programming, reduce 90% of development workloads. designing a GUI via editor is a very easy thing.

Products features:

* Support interface: RS232 or RS485 (default)

* Color: 262K color

* Touch: capacitive touch optional,

* Built-in 128Mb display memory, 64K bytes Flash、8Kbytes SRAM

* Built-in hardware graphics acceleration engine, provides graphics operations such as display rotation, image mirrorizing, picture-in-picture and transparent display of graphics.

* Built-in geometric drawing engine, which supports drawing points, lines, curves, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, rounded rectangles and other functions

* Provide two ways editing, both UI tools and GUI editor for display set-up and function set-up. ,

* Support upgraded from USB port.

It's easy to use smart HMI TFT LCD to replace existing projects. Such as monochrome lcd with serial interface, it is as smart tft as you need.

GUI editor:

Maclight GUI editor

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