128x64 lcd / cog

  • SPI LCD MLG12864J-8
  • SPI LCD MLG12864J-8
  • SPI LCD MLG12864J-8


  • SPI lcd display
  • COG LCD 128X64
  • Graphic lcd
  • Display mode optional
  • Product description: SPI LCD display 2.2'' 128x64 pixels, COG dot matrix lcd.

SPI LCD display 2.2'' 128*64 COG Graphic LCD, it has 128x64 dots, STN display mode, it support SPI interface, 6 o'clock viewing angle, VDD driver voltage ST7567, 1/64 duty, wide operating temperature -20~70 degree, storage temperature: -30~+80 degree.


Standard Value


Number Of Pixels

128 X 64


Module Dimension

41.00(W)X59.00(H)x5.00 (T)


Display Mode

STN Positive/Negative Transflective

Viewing Display Area

28.60(W)X 53.60(H)


Active Display Area

24.93(W)X 48.61(H)


Driver Method

1/64 Duty,1/9 Bias


Viewing Direction

6 O’clock


LED Backlight Color

3 LEDS White 3.0V 45mA


Interface Type

Serial interface

LCD Driver


Operating Temperature

-20 ~ 70

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 80

SPI LCD MLG12864J-8 Pin definition:

PIN NO. SYMBOL PIN Description
1 VG VG is the LCD driving voltage for segment circuits at positive frame
2 XV0 XV0 is the LCD driving voltage for common circuits at positive frame
3 V0 V0 is the LCD driving voltage for common circuits at negative frame
4 VSS Ground
5 VDD Power supply 3.0V
6 D7 Serial data input
7 D6 Serial clock input
8 A0 Data or command select signal input
9 RES A reset pin
10 CS Chip select signal input (active low)

SPI LCD display MLG12864J-8 drawing:

spi lcd display drawing

What is SPI LCD display?

SPI LCD display means the lcd module that with SPI interface, SPI means :Serial Peripheral interface", that is its communicate via the serial interface, SPI lcd interfac is simple,duplex, synchronization communication bus, but it is low speed than MCU interface. SPI LCD display always work in master-slave mode, the SPI lcd display could be worked in one master device and several slaver devices, SPI interface have 3-wires SPI interface and 4 wires SPI interface, the SPI signal included SDO, SDI, SCL, CS pin.

SDO: serial data output

SDI: serial data input

SCL: serial clock

CS: Chip select pin

Because SPI lcd display only need 4 wires signal or 3-wires signal (one direction data), it can save the controller pins, and save the PCB space for lay-out. the CS pin is the chip select pin for SPI LCD,  the SPI LCD display only on working when the CS pin enable ( high level or low level), that means the one bus could have several SPI devices.

Spi lcd display is serial communication bus, so its data is transmit in one by one, that is the reason the SCL clock is necessary, the SCL pin provide the clock pulse, then SDI, SDO transmit the data based on the clock pulse. the data output through SDO signal, the data changed on the rising edge or falling clock edge, and be read on the next rising clock edge or falling clock edge. the same to the SDI data input, after the 8 circles, then the 8 bits data transmitted completed.

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