4.0" tft

  • Square lcd display 4.0 inch tft lcd 480x480 capacitive touch panel MLT040R40-CT1
Square lcd display 4.0 inch tft lcd 480x480 capacitive touch panel MLT040R40-CT1

Square lcd display 4.0 inch tft lcd 480x480 capacitive touch panel MLT040R40-CT1

  • 4.0 inch tft lcd module
  • 480RGBX480 pixles
  • square lcd screen
  • 4 inch IPS tft lcd with capacitive touch screen
  • Product description: Square lcd display 4.0 inch tft lcd module 480x480 capacitive touch panel for 86 case,SPI / RGB interface, IPS tft lcd with all viewing angle.

Square lcd display : 4.0 inch IPS tft display module introduction:

TFT LCD display 4.0 inch is a color IPS tft lcd display panel which is made with 480RGBx480 resolution in square display area. This square lcd 4.0’’ IPS tft lcd panel MLT040R40-CT1 is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a backlight unit and capacitive touch panel.

This 4.0 IPS tft lcd screen is with full viewing angel display, and built in with GC9503 controller IC, it supports SPI/RGB interface.

Square display 4.0 inch tft lcd module made of 480x480 pixel, ips tft lcd with CTP touch screen, square tft lcd display, it could be used in s central home control or building central control system, and standard 86 type box and other square display application

Square lcd 4.0’’ IPS tft display module key parameters:

Display Size

4.0 inch IPS tft (Diagonal)


480(RGB)X480 square lcd panel

Module Dimension

84.00(W)x 84.00(H)x3.68(T) mm

Active Display Area

71.86 (W)×70.18 (H) mm

Viewing Direction


LED Backlight Color

White LEDx10

Driver IC

TFT: GC9503 CTP: GT 911




450 nits

Touch screen

With CTP

If the luminance is not enough for your requirement, please feel free to contact us, we could custom make the backlight to upgrade the brightness up to 1,000 nits.

Datasheet download ==>

4 inch square tft 480x480 pixels capacitive touch screen

What is Square lcd display?

Square lcd display means the lcd display area in square sizes, such as 1.54" square lcd display that with 240x240 pixels, or 4.0" square display with 480x480 pixels, the square screen have the same pixels quantity on column and row, that make the display could display actual square image or round display image via the square display.

A square lcd module doesn't means the outline dimensions is also in square shape, because as the lcd module, the lcd always would have an step on the edge of lcd,  the step is area for the lcd pin out to the controller, or is the place that located the LCD lcd ic driver, so for the square lcd with with square display area, the LCD outline shape can not be in square shape because the lcd step on the square lcd screen.

square lcd screen

What is application for the square lcd screen?

The square lcd screen could be used in the smart home control system, smart watch and other industrial or consumer application. it is also could be a cheap solution for round lcd display via the round cover lens on the square lcd display.

square lcd screen square display

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