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  • 1.33 inch small tft display module
1.33 inch small tft display module

1.33 inch small tft display module

  • 1.33 inch small tft display module
  • 240x240 dots square lcd
  • IPS full viewing angle
  • square tft lcd screen
  • Product description: 1.33 inch small squre tft lcd display module,240RGBx240 resolution The ST7789V2 controller ic, 4-SPI and MCU 8 bit interface, IPS free viewing angle.

1.33 inch small square tft display module introduction:

1.33 inch small tft lcd is a 262k color square lc, 240RGBx240 resolution. it is with square TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a backlight unit. it is ideal display to replaced oled , as it is thinner, high brightness, and colorful. its viewing angle is square size with 23.4x23.4 mm, the outline shape is rectangle because it is COG tft lcd structure, the IC driver is chip on glass.

The 1.33" square lcd is IPS lcd, it is free viewing angle, built in with ST7789v2 IC driver, it support 4-SPI/MCU 8 bit interface.

It is often used in wearable devices, smart watch, smart earphone devices which requires display in high quality and colorful image.

This tft 1.33’’ tft lcd display support operating temperature -20~+70 degree, storage temperature is from -30~+80 degree.

1.33’’ small tft display module key parameters:

Display Size

1.33   inch tft (Diagonal)


240(RGB)X 240

Module Dimension

26.16(W)x 29.22(H)x1.50(T) mm

Active Display Area

23.4(W)×23.4   (H) mm

Viewing Direction

free viewing angle

LED Backlight Color

White LEDx2

Driver IC



MCU 8 bit / 4- SPI


350 nits

Touch screen

Without TP

small tft lcd display module

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