• Very Small Lcd Display 1.14 inch tft MLT011G13-1
Very Small Lcd Display 1.14 inch tft MLT011G13-1

Very Small Lcd Display 1.14 inch tft MLT011G13-1

  • 1.14 inch tft lcd display module
  • 135x240 dots
  • wide temperature tft display
  • -30-80 degree
  • Product description: 1.14 inch small lcd display module, 135RGBx240 resolution, ST7789V2 controller ic, 4 wires SPI/ MCU interface, all viewing angle. find more small lcd screens in Maclight display.

1.14 inch small lcd display introduction: small lcd display

Small lcd screen 1.14 inch is a color tft lcd display module in Maclight display, 135RGBx240 resolution. it is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a backlight unit. it is as thinner as small oled screen,  with 262k display colors.

The 1.14" small lcd screen is IPS lcd, free viewing angle, built in with ST7789v2 controller IC, it support 4-SPI/MCU 8 bit interface.

It is often used in wearable devices, smart watch, smart earphone devices which require small lcd screen in high quality and colorful image.

This tft 1.1’’ tft lcd display support operating temperature -20~+70 degree, storage temperature is from -30~+80 degree.

1.14’’ small lcd display key parameters:

Display Size

1.14   inch tft (Diagonal)


135(RGB)X 240

Module Dimension

17.6 (W)x 31.0 (H)x1.6(T) mm

Active Display Area

14.86(W)×24.91  (H) mm

Viewing Direction

free viewing angle

LED Backlight Color

White LEDx2

Driver IC



4-SPI / MCU 8 bit


400 CD/M2

Touch screen

Without TP

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small tft lcd display

1.14" small lcd screen price:

1~10 pcs samples:  3.5 USD/pcs

10~50 pcs: 3.0 USD/pcs

Please contact us for the price of more quantity.

Find more small lcd display modules from Maclight:

0.96" mini tft lcd screen:

mini lcd screen

Resolution : 80x160 dots
Display mode:  IPS tft lcd ,

Interface: 4 wires SPI

Viewing angle: free viewing angle

Outline dimensions: 13.5x27.95x1.5mm

Color: full colors

1.33" small tft display module:

small tft display

Resolution: 240(RGB)X240

Viewing angle: free viewing angle

Interface: 8 bits parallel / 4 wires SPI

Outline dimensions: 26.16*29.22*1.5mm

Display mode: IPS TFT LCD

Color: full colors

4.3" small lcd screen hdmi interface:

small lcd screen hdmi 800x480    resolution

IPS LCD with free viewing angle

small lcd screen with hdmi interface

USB power input

Plug and display

4.3" hdmi small lcd screen can be connected to Arduino,Raspberry.

Small round tft screen:

small round lcd screen Display sizes: 1.3 inch (diagonal)

Resolution: 240(RGB)x240

Interface: SPI/MCU interface

IC driver: ST7789

Brightness:  650 nits

sunlight readable lcd

Small lcd displays are widely used for the projects in portable, wearable devices, or the machines that need  lower power consumption.  The small lcd displays can be in variety display technologies.

Small monochrome lcd small monochrome lcd screen

The small monochrome lcd screen are mainly in TN or STN display technology, it is a display technology in passive display mode. the display LC elements are twisted in 90~240 degree inside the lcd cell, such as TN twisted angle, HTN twist angle is 100 degree, STN twist angle is 240 degree. the larger twist angle bring higher contrast than small twist angle lcd.

For small segment lcd display, it can be made by TN display mode , but for small graphic lcd screen, such as 128x64 lcd, or high resolution 320x240 lcd, it has to be in stn lcd display mode, since the STN display have higher contrast ladder for high duty lcd that up to 64 common and 240 common.

The small monochrome lcd screen is easily to custom make, the tooling cost is cheaper.

Small color tft display:

Small TFT display has the tft (Thin Film Transistor) cell in side the LCD, the tft cell work as the on-off switch for each pixels, it can eliminate the cross-talk for each common and segment (source and gate) lines, so small tft screen can be made with higher resolution than TN, STN lcd display, after adding the color filter inside the tft cell, the small lcd screen can be in color display mode with high resolution, high contrast, and up to 16M color lcd display.

How to use the small lcd screen:

Small lcd display is easily to use in Raspberry pi, Arduino, STM32 driver board, the interface can be SPI interface, 8/16 bits parallel, RGB interface, small lcd screen hdmi interface is also available.

We would provide technical support and provide lcd initialized code for the testing.

small lcd screen for raspberry pi arduino

How to buy small lcd screen from Maclight display China:

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Small order is acceptable for standard lcds in list.

The lead time would be 3 days for the stock available.

2 weeks for custom making solution.

welcome to contact us for small lcd screen price.

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