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TFT LCD manufacturer in China

LCD TFT manufacturers are mainly located in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan. Almost all the lcd TFT manufacturers built or moved their lcd plant to China for the past 15 years. China would be the best place that for your searching the lcd manufacturers. Let’s see the well know lcd tft manufacturers in the following:


Established in 1993 BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. is the No.1 lcd manufacturers in China, BOE has 4 G6 AMoled production lines that can make flexible OLED, BOE is the screen supplier of Apple, Huawei, the first G10.5 TFT line is made in BOE.BOE main products is in large sizes of tft lcd panel, the maximum lcd sizes what BOE made is up to 110 inch tft, 8k resolution. BOE's actions has been focused on developing display technologies and innovative display solutions, especially regarding TFT-LCD and flexible AMOLED displays. Such targeted policy aims on providing the highest quality of products and services. BOE modules characterizes ultra-high resolution, high-power efficiency and high contrast-ratio. They are ultrathin, environmentally friendly and have integrated touch solutions.

BOE products are applied in a wide variety of electronic market branches. They are used in a production of devices for the consumer market such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TVs and the industrial market (digital information, IoT, medical equipment, vehicle displays). As a tft lcd screen manufacturers, BOE is a pioneer in innovations and TFT-LCD technology development.


Tianma as a monochrome lcd panel manufacturer and tft lcd manufacturers china, it has a long experience in the market of displays for over more than three decades. Tianma is the leader of small to medium size displays in technology in China. Tianma LCDs include products based on STN-, TFT- and LTPS-technology, as well as color filters and backlights. New display lines are utilizing AM-OLED technology. Tianma is also a leading provider of touch solutions based on PCAP (Projected CAPacitive touch). The production lines are located in China and in Japan.
Tianma supports a wide range of applications, e.g. smart phones, tablet PCs, wearables, automotive, instrumentation, industrial, medical, avionic, marine, home automation, ATM and POS. By providing both standard products as well as custom designed products.

Tianma and BOE are the top grade lcd manufacturers in China, because they are big lcd plants, their minimum order quantity would be reached 30k pcs MOQ for small sizes lcd panel. price is also top grade, it might be expensive at least 50%~80% than the market price.


Winstar Display Co. Ltd is an well-know lcd maker in Taiwan, it has developed the Industrial LCD Displays including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, VATN-LCD, TFT LCD and OLED display modules. With more than 21 years experience, Winstar became remarkably proficient in complicated order handling, especially on LVHM (Low-Volume/High-Mix) operation business model. This is our most important core competence to fulfill customers’ requirement and expectation. But the prices of Winstar’s products at least higher around 50% than China mainland lcd display manufacturers even in the equivalent quality products. But Winstar is not a tft lcd panel manufacturers, they are a tft lcd module manufacturer, that is they purchase tft lcd panel from the tft lcd manufacturers in China or Taiwan, and bonding the IC driver, backlight etc ,then make it to tft lcd module. so its price is also more expensive than many other lcd module manufacturers in China.

Displaytech ,Newhaven, Orient display USA,

If you want to buydisplay from USA directly, you could choose the display company such as Displaytech, Microtip , Newhaven, orient display in USA, most of them are purchase lcd screen from China, and they are the display company that working for lcd display domain for a long time. Their sell the display included monochrome segment lcd, graphic lcd module, tft lcd module and oled display module, etc. but if you buy from USA, the prices are much higher than you buy from China lcd display company, such as Maclight Display.

Maclight Display China

Maclight is a China display company, Maclight products included monochrome lcd, TFT lcd module and OLED display, touch screen module, Maclight is special in custom lcd display, Sunlight readable tft lcd module, tft lcd with capacitive touch screen. Maclight is a long term supplier for many companies in USA and Europe. if you want buy lcd module or buy tft screen from China with good quality and competitive price, Maclight would be a best choice for your business.

tft lcd display module

Maclight standard tft lcd module list:

Size Maclight Part Number Resolution Display area(mm) Size(L*W*T/mm) Interface

Lumination unit:


Touch panel Remark
0.9" MLT009G13-01 80RGB*160 11.52*20.16 15.8*27.0*1.66 SPI 150 IPS tft lcd
1.22'' MLT012G21-3 240RGB*240 21.6*21.6 25.76*28.16*1.65 SPI 200 CTP optional IPS tft lcd
1.41" MLT014L20-1 128RGB*128 25.25*25.25 30.9*36.5*2.5 MCU 150 Wide temp. -30~+85
1.54" MLT015G24-1 240RGB*240 27.72*27.72 31.5*31.5*1.85 MCU 280 CTP optional IPS tft lcd
1.8" MLT018A20-7 128RGB*160 28.03*35.04 34.7*46.7*2.6 MCU 180 Optional
1.8" MLT018A45-3 128RGB*160 28.03*35.04 34.0*46*2.4 MCU/SPI /RGB 200 Optional
2.0" MLT020B33-1 176RGB*220 31.68*39.6 38.03*51.65*2.5 MCU 250 Optional
2.2" MLT022Q37-3 240RGB*320 33.84*45.12 38.5*56.1*2.4 MCU 330 Optional
2.3" MLT023R24-3 320RGB*240 46.76*35.06 51.0*45.8*2.3 SPI/MCU 260 N/A
2.4" MLT024Q40-2 240RGB*320 36.72*48.96 42.72*59.46*2.2 RGB/MCU 250 N/A IPS tft lcd
2.4" MLT024Q45-2 240RGB*320 36.72*48.96 42.72*60.26*2.1 MCU/SPI /RGB 400 Optional IPS tft lcd
2.6" MLT026Q50-1 240RGB*320 39.6*52.8 46.0*64.0*2.6 MCU/SPI /RGB 350 Optional IPS tft lcd
2.8" MLT028Q37-15 240RGB*320 43.2*57.6 50.0*69.2*2.7 MCU 250 Optional IPS tft lcd
2.8" MLT028Q50-13 240RGB*320 43.2*57.6 50.0*69.2*3.1 MCU/SPI /RGB 300 Optional
2.8" MLT028Q50-15 V2 240RGB*320 43.2*57.6 50.0*69.2*2.7 MCU/SPI /RGB 500 Optional IPS tft lcd
2.8" MLT028Q50-16 240RGB*320 43.20*57.60 50.0*69.2*2.7 MCU/SPI /RGB 280 Optional
3.2" MLT032Q40-T6 V.2 240RGB*320 48.6*64.8 55.04*77.7*3.5 MCU 250 Optional
3.5" MLT035Q54-3 320RGB*240 70.08*52.56 76.9*63.9*3.05 RGB 300 Optional
3.5" MLT035Q60-3 320RGB*240 52.56*70.08 64.0*76.9*3.1 MCU/SPI /RGB 250 Optional
3.5" MLT035Q54-5 320RGB*240 70.08*52.56 64.0*76.9*3.1 RGB 300 Optional
3.5" MLT035R40-15 480RGB*272 77.76*43.52 86.8*56.5*3.9 RGB 250 Optional
3.5" MLT035H39-1 320RGB*480 48.96X73.44 54.48*87.2*2.15 RGB 330 Optional
3.5" MLT035H45-18 320RGB*480 48.96*73.44 54.66*82.94*2.35 MCU/SPI /RGB 300 Optional IPS tft lcd
3.5" MLT035S50-1 800RGB*600 53.46*71.28 64*80*3.05 RGB 250 N/A
3.5" MLT035Q45-1 240RGB*320 52.56*70.08 63.5*85.5*2.85 MCU/RGB 350 Optional
4.0" MLT040W45-7 480RGB*800 51.84*86.4 57.14*96.85*2.1 MCU/RGB 280 Optional IPS tft lcd
4.3" MLT043R40-5 V2 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*2.95 RGB 500 Optional
4.3" MLT043R40-6 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*2.95 RGB 300 Optional
4.3" MLT043R40-7 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*2.95 RGB 500 Optional Wide temp. -30~+85
4.3" MLT043R40-2 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.4*67.1*2.9 RGB 250 None
4.3" MLT043R40-21 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*3 RGB 400 IPS tft lcd
4.3" MLT043R40-26 480RGB*272 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*2.95 RGB 500 Optional
5.0" MLT050R40-2 480RGB*272 108.0*64.8 120.7*75.8*3.1 RGB 380 Optional
5.0" MLT050V50-10 640RGB*480 101.57*76.18 117.65*88.43*5.7 RGB 250
5.0" MLT050W40-25 800RGB*480 108.0*64.8 120.7*75.8*3.1 RGB 300 Optional
5.6" MLT056H26-1 320RGB*234 113.3*84.7 126.5*100*5.7 RGB 200 None
5.6" MLT056V50-3 640RGB*480 112.9*84.7 126.5*100*5.7 RGB 350 Optional
5.6" MLT056V40-1 640RGB*480 113.3*84.7 126.5*100*5.7 RGB Optional
5.7" MLT057V33-13 640RGB*480 115.2*86.4 144.0*104.6*12.8 RGB 290 Optional
6.5" MLT065W50-1 800RGB*480 143.4*76.7 155.2*89.4*5.5 RGB 1000 Optional
7.0" MLT070W50-21 800RGB*480 154.08*85.92 164.9*100*5.7 RGB 450 Optional
7.0" MLT070W50-22 800RGB*480 154.08*85.92 165.0*100.0*5.7 RGB 400 Optional
7.0" MLT070X40-18 1024RGB*600 154.21*85.92 165.0*100.0*5.7 RGB 500 Optional IPS tft lcd
8.4" MLT084S20-1 800RGB*600 173.2*130.6 203.0*142.5*5.7 LVDS 350 Optional
9.0" MLT090Y50-1 800RGB*480 201.0*114.7 211.1*126.5*5.9 RGB 350 None
10.1" MLT101X50-12 1024RGB*600 222.7*125.3 235*143*5.0 RGB 250 Optional
10.1" MLT101X40-13 1024RGB*600 222.7*125.3 235*143*5.0 LVDS 300 Optional
10.4" MLT104S20-1 800RGB*600 215.0*162.0 236.00 x 176.90 x 5.60 LVDS 350 None
12.1" MLT121S20-1 800RGB*600 246.0*184.5 279.00 x 209.00 x 9.00 LVDS 400 None
15" MLT150X25-1 1024RGB*768 304.1*228.1 326.50 x 253.50 x 11.80 LVDS 300 None
15" MLT150X20-4 1024RGB*768 304.1*228.1 326.50 x 253.50 x 11.80 LVDS 200 With CTP

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