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TFT LCD price increased in China

From Q4 2016, many Chinese LCD factories are increasing its TFT LCD price, and the prices are increased about 50%~100%, but some small sizes tft lcd module were in shortage even price increased 100%, or delivery delayed again and again.

What happened to tft lcd market?

1. Samsung Display would fade out tft LCD industry, and focus in OLED display market.

Samsung plan to sell its G-7 LCD line(L7-1) in Tangjeong, but from the latest news, Samsung display did not sell it, and apartequipment the old machine, and purchase new OLED manufacturing devices.

From Korea media"Etnews", Samsung planed to sell this L7-1 line to Chinese lcd manufacturer CSOT( belong to TCL group) ,while CSOT already invest G8 and G11 line, so CSOT have no interesting for Samsung L7-1 line.Because the market demand for OLED are very hot, Samsung would like to give up LCD asap. and turn to OLED, they discard the lcd line by apart equipment. The solution of Samsung for L7-1 tft lcd line, Samsung did not earn any profit and also take its more cost to apart equipment,

Samsung Display believes that profit from selling its L7-1 tft lcd line will be smaller than profit from production of OLEDs.
It is heard that new flexible OLED linethat will be newly established at L7-1 will produce panels for Samsung Electronics and foreign businesses and not for Apple.
Industries are predicting that SamsungDisplay will begin to order equipment for producing flexible OLEDs at L7 in first quarter of next year and increase amount of production step by step after starting operation of L7 in first quarter of 2018.

2.  Earthquake in Taiwan affected the 40 inch tft lcd panel capability in Taiwai Innolux factory on year 2016, and capability shortage were impacted down to other small sizes tft lcd capability.

3. Some Chinese and Korea lcd factory or franchisers are stock up the TFT lcd glass in this situation, it further increased the TFT LCD glass shortage, and cost up.

To avoid more influence on our customer, Maclight Display stocked up some tft lcd panels, and already enlarged our tft lcd glass supply chain to more tft glass manufactures in the same time, to ensure our competitive price in the LCD industrial.



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