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Transparent display market

Transparent display market is expected to attain revenue of $164 billion by 2017 and transparent display technology allows end-users to experience augmented reality, which would encourage them to adopt transparent display in multiple applications.

The key driver for the market growth is that the technology allows users to view the digital world and stay attuned to the reality simultaneously. Technological advances in the display market allow use of nanoparticles and transparent sensors in the electronic circuit, which allows developers to manufacture transparent displays. Additionally, the advent of technologies such as Google Glass is further expected to enhance the market growth. Furthermore, the technology would be used in multiple applications such as mobiles, wearable computers, building related applications, retail, automotive and military applications.

Transparent tft lcd display showcase

Transparent display have transparent TFT LCD and transparent OLED.

The major restraint for the market growth is that currently the technology is costly to use it in consumer goods, as end-users cannot afford the technology. Additionally, the major challenge for technology developers is to hide or eliminate the backlight used in display of electronic goods as it proves to be hindrance in developing transparent tft lcd display. Key players in the market are engaged in research and development to overcome this challenge in a cost-effective way. Since the market is at an evolving stage, companies are not looking for competitive edge. Instead of competition, they are looking to form strategic partnerships to share expertise and develop reasonably priced products for the consumers to increase their market presence.

Transparent OLED display cost is more higher than transparent TFT,but it could luminescence without outsource light,transparent OLED display prospect would be more better than transparent TFT LCD, for transparent tft lcd can not give out the light, it have to rely on the light form environment when in display.
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