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3D printer lcd screen

3D Printer (3DP) is an new printer that can print the shape of any object , but 3D printing can only print the shape of the object, it can’t brint the function of the object. It is widely used in model design, education, medical, industrial samples building etc.

A 3D printer, also known as a 3D printer (3DP), is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology, or rapid prototyping technology. It is a digital model based file, using special wax, powder metal, plastic and other adhesives to create three-dimensional objects by printing layers of adhesive materials.3d printers are now used to make products. The technique of constructing objects by printing them layer by layer. The idea behind a 3D printer is to put data and raw materials into a 3D printer, and the machine is programmed to build the product layer by layer.

The biggest difference between 3D printers and traditional printers is that the "inks" they use are real raw materials, stacked in a variety of forms, and can be printed in a variety of media, from a wide range of plastics to metals, ceramics and rubbers. Some printers can also combine different media to make an object hard at one end and soft at the other.

Types of 3D Printers

1) FDM printer, Fuse Deposition Modeling, the most polupar printers on the market. FDM printer is rapidly formed by molten deposition, mainly ABS and PLA.The advantage is that it's cheap and you can print anything you want.Disadvantages are low accuracy, slow printing speed, too rough surface.

2) SLA printers, Stereolithography, which are also relatively more widely seen in the market, mainly model players and families buying desktop-grade SLA printers. This type of printer is formed by light curing via lcd screen and it is mainly made of photosensitive resin. The price is a bit more expensive than the FDM printer, but it has high accuracy and can meet the needs of model players and home users.

3) 3DP printer, which is relatively rare in the market and mainly used for industrial production, because the price is relatively expensive, families and schools generally will not buy this type of printer.These printers are bonded by a three-dimensional powder.Main materials powder materials, such as ceramic powder, metal powder, plastic powder.

4)  SLS printer, seen in the market relatively few, mainly for industrial production and military industrial production.This type of printer is mainly made of powder materials through selective laser sintering.

5) LOM printer, which is relatively rare in the market. This type of printer is not needed in our daily life, but it still has its value.This kind of printer is divided into solid manufacturing, main material paper, metal film, plastic film.

6) DLP printer, the market also relatively more, less domestic sales, foreign sales relatively more, this kind of printer through light curing molding, the main material photosensitive resin.It is highly accurate and can meet the needs of both model players and home users.These printers are similar to SLA printers.

7) FFF printer, is also more printers seen on the market. FFF printer is manufactured by fuse, mainly PLA, ABS.It's cheap and you can print anything you want. Disadvantages are low accuracy, slow printing speed, too rough surface.Similar to the FDM printer.

The eighth category is the EMB printer, which is mainly used in the human skeleton and military aerospace industries. EMB printers are made of titanium alloy by electron beam fusion.

Here we suggest some lcd screens that suitable for SLA 3D printer:

The SLA 3D printer lcd screen is used under the extremly UV light environment, it bring high challenge to the life time of LCD screen, because the regular LC materials is hard to stand the strong UV light for a long time, a traditional lcd screen might be only stand 500 hours under strong UV light environment, while the 3D printer lcd screen, it takes anti-UV materials to make the screen, it can  stand more than 5000 hours under extremly UV light environment.

The transmissive ratio of 3D printer lcd screen is also very import for industrial 3D printer, a high transmissive ratio of 3D printer lcd display can speed up the curing time of 3D printer. if use the trandistional TFT lcd screen as 3d printer lcd display, its curing time would be around 15s, while if use 3D printer lcd screen, it curing time only 1~2s, because 3d printer lcd display has high transmissive ratio than traditional lcd screen.

The high resolution of 3D printer lcd screen is also important, the high resolution would bring higher texture quality that you printing

3D printer lcd screen 13.3 inch monochrome tft

3D printer lcd display 8.9 inch



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