• oled touch screen 0.96 inch custom capacitive touch
oled touch screen 0.96 inch custom capacitive touch

oled touch screen 0.96 inch custom capacitive touch

  • 0.96 inch OLED touch screen
  • capacitive touch oled screen
  • 96x64 dots
  • I2C interface(096 inch CPT)
  • Product description: 0.96 inch OLED touch screen, custom oled display module, capacitive touch screen, 96x64 dots, monochrome oled touchscreen.

This is 0.96 inch OLED touch screen, the OLED is 128x64 dots, 3 or 4 wires SPI/I2C/parallel interface. the touch screen is a custom capacitive touch screen, I2C interface. the custom capacitive touch can be in one point touch + gesture and two points touch. the cover glass of the oled touch screen could be customized based on customer's device, the printing colors could be custom made in black or white color. the oled touch screen is widely used in smart home controll, wearable device, IOT devices etc.

The oled touch screen is passive matrix oled,  monochrome oled screen, its colors can be white, yellow, blue or dual colors available. it is 1/64 duty, SSD 1306 IC controller, operating voltage is 2.8 V, it is wide temperature oled screen that its working temperature can reach -40 to 85 degree, the oled life time can be 50,000 hours at 60cd/m2 brightness.

0.96" oled display module key parameters:

Display mode:

Monochrome OLED touch screen

Diagonal Size

0.96“ OLED ( diagonal)

Display Format

128x64 Dots

Display module size


Active area


Driver IC



OLED: Parallel/SPI/I2C




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